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Photo Retouching Service

Today, photos are the first items observed by your customers: 95% of people watch the first photo for 20 seconds before reading the property information. But beware: photos are a double-edged sword! Bad quality pictures will penalize you heavily. In the era of Facebook and Instagram, high-quality images are essential to stand out and attract a clientele. With Pixis, get superior quality photos ready to share on all your networks!

With Pixis, you no longer need to clean, store or empty a room before taking pictures! Pixis takes care of everything: removal of disruptive elements, furniture, readjustment of colors and brightness. Pixis allows you to obtain high-quality pictures without any constraints. Did you know that properties with high quality photos are 44% more likely to be sold at or above the advertised price?

A photo retouching service adapted to your project

Send us your photos, we take care of the rest! Once we receive of your photos, our team of experts is then responsible for correcting each picture with care, taking into account angle of view, quality, light exposure, content...

Each retouch is unique and requires special attention. According to your expectations and following the alterations that you wish to carry out, we will propose to you several options.

Show the real potential of the property, make some transformations effortlessly:

  • We change the colors of walls, floors, and ceilings at your convenience,
  • We remove all furniture and objects from the picture,
  • We also calibrate the contrasts and luminosity,
  • We correct the optical distortions,
  • We improve the exterior view that is observed by the windows.


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